While many call performance marketing companies talk about quality measurement and call fraud, We Speak Insurance® does something about it with its proprietary RingAudit™ and patent pending Fraud Posse™ technologies.

We Speak Insurance® has grown to be the largest provider of consumer initiated auto and home insurance calls in both English and Spanish by providing the highest quality calls. Our relentless pursuit of higher call quality and fraud prevention led us to create the RingAudit™ call scoring and quality analysis platform to track calls in real-time. In addition, our patent pending Fraud Posse™ technology is the only proactive rules enforcement platform for calls. We not only monitor and score publisher performance for quality measures, but we also ensure that publishers are not bidding on prohibited keywords or using prohibited language in their click-to-call mobile search campaigns. Our Fraud Posse™ technology even monitors SMS texting and robo-dialing activities and matches the activity to the publisher responsible. If your agents complain about getting calls from consumers asking for a different carrier, let Fraud Posse track down publishers that aren’t abiding by your marketing restrictions.
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